How to Properly Block Mailgun Smarthost's

My experience once a smarthost like sends any sort of spam emails in numbers I will block it and this is how you would do it. This example in blocking mailgun in Postfix permanently, all ranges.   You'll have to find all the mailgun IP ranges to block them all and you'll need to insert them into your like below example. Edit the file or from the line starting at check_client_access. We found that otherwise: https://www.spf-reco...

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Monitoring PHP

Monitoring PHP can help identify performance issues and ensure that your PHP applications are running smoothly. There are several ways to monitor PHP on a UNIX platform, including using built-in functions, monitoring tools, and logging. Built-in functions: PHP provides several functions that can be used to monitor the performance of your code, such as memory_get_usage() and microtime(). These functions can be used to measure the amount of memory used by a script, execution time, and other perfor...

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Change to Netplan with NetworkManager

Why Change to Network Manager?  Netplan is a YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends. Using Network Manager has several advantages for easy configuration of network devices. Netplan is easy to understand and strait forward because it uses YAML configuration. Requirements  Installing requirements for using Network Manager with Netplan. network-manager - network management framework (daemon and userspace tools) Installing Requirements  apt install -y network-mana...

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Copy n Paste in (KVM) Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Requirements  KVM InstalledSpice-vdagent - Spice agent for Linux Explanation  Why would you copy and paste?  Answer: It makes life easier and otherwise a copy from the host to virtual wouldn't be possible without these instructions.   With these instructions you are able to copy text and paste in the virtual machine. Installation  Installation of the vdagent  $ sudo apt install spice-vdagent KVM Configuration  You must have the configuration setup like bel...

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Creating Ubuntu 18.04 Masquerade

Prerequisites Ubuntu 18.04.5 InstalledUpdated Operating to current patch levelBoth iptables-persistent & netfilter-persistent packages System Details  Ubuntu 18.04.5Internet interface: eno1Ubuntu 18.04.5 IP Address: <-- we use the host IP as the gateway on all clients wanting Internet. Update Ubuntu 18.04  $ sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y Configuration  Edit /etc/sysctl.conf and insert the line below for IP forwarding  $ sudo vim /etc/sysctl.con...

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Identifying Failed Storage Unit Drives

Requirements  1. Physical Server2. udisks2 - D-Bus service to access and manipulate storage devices 3. udisks2-lvm2 - LVM2 support for udisks2   Installing udisks2 $ sudo apt install udisks2Note: During the initial setup of storage servers it's a good practice to record drive information. In this article I'll explain how to save storage drive configuration and in the future recover drive/s easily. After installing udisks2 we can type the command below to save the configuration&nbs...

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