Why TripAdvisor Reviews are Fakes

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There are several reasons why you shouldn't trust reviews on TripAdvisor:

  1. Prevalence of fake reviews: TripAdvisor has a major problem with fake reviews, with around one-third of reviews on the site being fake [1]. Competitors and business owners often use fake reviews to attack or promote establishments, resulting in inaccurate ratings for businesses.
  2. Minimal quality control: TripAdvisor relies on software to review reviews, which has significant limitations and allows for little quality control [1]. Many ratings come from one-time contributors or those with only a few reviews, making it difficult to assess the credibility of the reviewers.
  3. Inaccurate rankings: The rankings on TripAdvisor are primarily based on popularity rather than quality [2]. This means that establishments with high ratings may not necessarily offer the best experience.
  4. Acknowledgment of fraudulent reviews: TripAdvisor published a transparency report acknowledging that about 9% of reviews are fraudulent or biased [1]. Despite this, many hotels involved in such practices remain on the site, raising concerns about the platform's commitment to addressing the issue.

It is important to approach reviews on TripAdvisor with caution and consider multiple sources of information before making decisions based on them.


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[2] Why you should never, ever trust TripAdvisor
[3] Five Stars, Zero Clue: Fighting the 'Scourge' of Fake Online ...

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